Your end to end product and supply chain solution

We are uniquely positioned to help you overcome the inherent problems developing and scaling non-THC cannabinoid ingredient products. We help in each phase of your product life cycle so you can focus on your brand.

The problems we see

We hear you, and encounter time and time again the same questions from brands, which are a direct result of the immature state of the cannabis industry


  • Is it compliant?
  • Is it safe?
  • Where is the FDA?
  • Are suppliers?
  • Why Banking issues?


  • Who licenses the science?
  • How are products tested?
  • How do we own the formulas?


  • Which suppliers are best?
  • Will it get through customs?
  • Will retailers approve?
  • Will buyers trust it?

Future Facing

  • How can I capitalize on IP?
  • How to protect marketshare?
  • How do I work with the FDA?

How we solve them

End-to-end Solution

Offering connected solutions from concept to mass market

We offer an end-to-end solution for non-THC cannabinoid ingredient product development, growth, and innovations. We bring a proven playbook of solutions developed in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.

Transparency & Trust

Gaining transparency into the supply chain

CannGoods supply chain solutions offer clients a transparent view of their supply chains. Allowing for 3rd-party verification that the brand promise and requirements established by regulatory agencies and stakeholders are adhered to during the development, growth, and evolution of the product life cycle.

Distributed Supply Chain

Connecting verified suppliers throughout the supply chain

We actively curate a Supplier Network by examining, certifying, and integrating suppliers across our technology platform. With our zero markup pricing, clients are gaining access to a distributed supply chain capable of delivering a wide range of agile solutions at scale.

“CannGoods and its supply chain partners accelerated Cannaray’s speed to market and continue to ensure that our supply chains adhere to European regulatory standards.”

Joshua RobertsCBO, Cannaray

What you can expect

We provide proven solutions that have been utilized by 100’s of companies in regulated industries over four decades.

End-to-end solutions

Accelerated your speed to market

Access to curated suppliers

Innovative supply chain solutions

Network of product formulators

Product innovation strategies

Transparent partnership

Access to proven playboooks

How we engage with you

Our proven and easy process is aimed to build success

Discovery Call

We have a 30 minutes call to learn about your needs and requirements.

Gap Analysis

We perform a quick gap analysis of your situation and existing solutions.


We provide curated solutions to address needs and requirements.


We, together, deliver solutions to develop, grow, and evolve your brand’s products.

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