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CBD Samples

Lots of people just like you have been wondering if CBD products would work for them. Could I finally relieve that knee pain that has been bothering me since my injury? Will these products sell if I stock them on my store’s shelves? Can I stand behind this product line if I have never tried it myself? Would a simple CBD tincture make my anxiety more manageable?¬†Answering these kinds of questions is exactly what our CBD samples are here for!

Getting Started

We here at Canngoods believe it is important to test products before committing to them. Our trial-sized items are catered to first-time users. These samples help you figure out which flavors you like, which tincture strength you prefer, or if you respond better to full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. Samples also make great gifts for others. Or you can use them as travel-sized products on road trips!

Low and Slow

We always recommend starting small with a new product. The same goes for if you are switching brands or trying out a new concentration. If you are sampling an ingestible CBD product, such as a tincture or softgel, we suggest taking it at the same time every day. Start with the lowest dose and give it plenty of time time to kick in. See how you feel. You may increase the dose or frequency of the dose over time, depending on your desired results.

If you are using a topical CBD product, such as a salve, serum, or cream, we also suggest using it at the same time every day. Salve sticks may be applied as needed.

The Only Difference is the Size

We have extremely high standards here at CannGoods. Our products are sourced from trusted, quality hemp farmers. They are also tested rigorously in some of the best labs in the world. Not only do we believe in wholesome ingredients, but we also value transparent business practices and standing behind CBD products we ourselves would use. Each sample size contains the same excellence that their larger counterparts contain. The one and only difference is the size!

Contact Us

CannGoods is here to answer any questions and overcome any problems. We believe companies rise and fall with the quality of their products. We guarantee your satisfaction. Let us help you find the perfect CBD Samples to try out. Contact us today!