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CBD Ingestibles

We have a great line of CBD Ingestibles available for you. We have tinctures and sprays as well as softgels and inhalers. Our products offer many ways to satisfy consumer needs. Let CannGoods help you find what you need to start your new product line today.

Sublingual Oral Drop Tinctures

Our CBD oil tinctures are made simple, with only two or three high-quality ingredients and no artificial colors or flavoring. Our formulas have less than 0.3% THC. Your customers will find themselves reaping the many benefits of CBD! We offer many tincture flavors, such as mint, citrus fruits, natural flavoring, and even custom flavors.

CBD Nano Emulsion Softgels

These extended-release softgels are made with 0% THC. They have all-natural ingredients sourced from organic farms. Our softgels are easily digestible and deliver quick relief that can last all day. Ask about our higher or lower strength softgels that are available upon request!

CBD Inhaler

CBD oil drops and soft gels are not for everyone. Many customers prefer to ingest CBD via inhalation. This is as easy to use as any other standard inhaler. You will be left feeling energized and ready to go.

CBD Tincture Spray

This is meant to be taken sublingually, much like our CBD oil tinctures. Simply spray it under your tongue for fast-acting results. It comes in natural and mint flavors.

Calm, Energize, Focus, & Restore with CBD Oils

Our targeted CBD oils get you the exact results you need. We offer products that aid in calming and focusing as well as energizing and restoring. Our blend of hemp oil with lavender, camomile, valerian, and honey extracts will calm you. The mixture of hemp, lemon, honey, and ginger oils energizes you. A combination of hemp, peppermint, and honey focuses you. And you will feel revitalized and restored after taking our blend of full-spectrum hemp oil and coconut oil.


Give it a try! We offer sample sizes of our 1500mg and 2000mg tincture oils. These samples come in natural and mint flavors. We have a sample pack if you wish to try both.

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CannGoods is here to answer any questions and overcome any problems. We will help you find the perfect CBD Ingestibles Product line to suit your needs. Contact us today!