The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an independent international body that sets and promotes the global anti-doping code. In 1999, the agency was established to help integrate drug control efforts across international sports organizations, governments, and society. In its brief history, the agency:

  •  Has researched sports-related injuries
  • Promoted awareness of the dangers of drugs
  • Worked with law enforcement agencies on issues like trafficking and distribution
  • Helped develop new testing technologies for substances such as human growth hormone or EPO
  • Supported athletes who have struggled with substance abuse.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will host the Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing, China, from February 4th to February 20th. They test athletes for doping at every event, and this year, competitors that use cannabidiol (CBD) are in the clear.


The World Anti-Doping Agency doesn’t consider CBD a performance-enhancing drug. Therefore, competitors in Winter Olympics 2022 sports can use CBD products without worrying about being kicked out of the competition. However, athletes must adhere to the strict laws of the host country. Although the country has a thriving CBD export industry, China and Beijing prohibit the use of hemp, even for medicinal purposes.

Though CBD is legal in many countries, athletes must comply with international anti-doping rules during competitions like the Olympics. Competitors will face removal from the winter Olympics if they test positive for any THC.

Olympians, WADA, and CBD isn’t a new topic. The agency didn’t approve of the compound until 2018. Before and after, many Olympic athletes have discussed their CBD use with that number increasing fast following approval from WADA and other organizations over the past few years, including:

Broad-Spectrum CBD and WADA at the Winter Olympics 2022

The total THC ban doesn’t eliminate the use of cannabidiol. CBD products are available in different formulas. Athletes use CBD brands that are THC-free and still get the benefits of the popular hemp extract. The blend contains the same terpenes and phytocannabinoids as a full-spectrum formulation, offering synergistic properties.

These broad-spectrum CBD supplements offer high levels of cannabidiol and no THC. However, the total ban on THC is only for competition. The agency admits there are no performance-enhancing benefits of the intoxicating compound. In addition, the small amount in a whole-plant hemp blend isn’t enough to produce a psychoactive response.

In an interview with NOVA for PBS, Jeff Anderson, a professor of radiology and imaging sciences at the University of Utah, explained,

“In no circumstances is (cannabis) ever a performance-enhancing substance. It is a net negative in terms of athletic ability and performance. On the whole, people under the influence of THC are not able to perform as well on cognitive tests, they have slowed reaction times, decreased executive function, decreased attention.”

During training and throughout the rest of the year, the athlete can still use their preferred CBD brand, such as a full-spectrum formula with up to 0.3% THC in the U.S. and 0.2% in the E.U. and U.K.

CBD for Athletes

CBD offers many health benefits, especially for athletes. Some of the potential benefits include:

CBD For Focus

Many consumers use CBD to reduce anxiousness and improve mood. The calming product keeps the mind focused during workouts, training sessions, and competitions. Olympians, athletes, and everyday people may consider choosing the hemp compound to get a mental edge. For instance, skiers and ice skaters might use CBD to focus before an important competition.

Along with taking a hemp extract, other ways to improve attention span include getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet, and taking breaks between training sessions.

CBD For Muscle Recovery Hemp extracts are popular post-workout recovery aids. Research shows CBD is an effective treatment for athletes who experience muscle soreness after hard workouts. One study found,

“Several studies have reported that in healthy rodents submitted to a painful experience (e.g., tail-flick or paw pressure test) CBD administration may diminish the nociceptive experience.”

Nociceptive pain is physical discomfort caused by injury or inflammation to the body.

Many athletes choose a topical cream that offers local relief to the affected area. However, using an oral hemp extract with a skin balm provides twice the benefits. Cannabinoids absorb through the skin and are taken by mouth for quick relief.

With a white label CBD oil muscle rub on your shelves, you can appeal to a wide range of your sports and fitness customers. The all-natural product popular with athletes is available in a broad-spectrum and isolate formula that doesn’t contain any THC for customers concerned with taking prohibited substances. Athletes that want CBD will appreciate your wide selection of wellness support products.

CBD to Improve Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for both athletes and the general population. Several studies show CBD can improve sleep quality. CBD, in particular, promotes good rest and relaxation.

A whole-plant hemp extract is a great way to promote healthy sleeping patterns without prescription medication. Although many drugs are legal to use with the agency, similar to WADA and CBD, these are potent and might leave the consumer feeling drowsy the next day, reducing performance.

Along with using CBD, Olympians and anyone with occasional sleepiness can add a few other steps to their bedtime routine to improve the quality of sleep. These include:

  •  Avoiding alcohol before bedtime
  •  Creating a relaxing nighttime ritual
  •  Going to sleep at the same time every night

Sticking to a sleep schedule may seem difficult at first, but it can benefit both athletes and nonathletes alike.

CBD for Post-Workout Skincare

Your skin takes a beating during workouts. Heat, sweat, and dirt rub the epidermis raw. Applying topical applications like CBD cream can soothe and heal the affected skin. The compound’s anti-inflammatory properties help with more than sore muscles.

A common cause of skin conditions, including acne, involves red, inflamed skin. The next time you work out, consider applying a CBD balm to your skin for its soothing properties. According to a 2014 study, CBD inhibits sebum production, reducing acne flare-ups. The oil also helps with inflammation associated with bug bites, sunburns, and allergic reactions. A popular study in 2020 from Sports Medicine Open found evidence of cannabidiol and sports performance. Along with the benefits above, the research reviews CBD for several aspects, including:


Head injuries are becoming more of a problem with the growing popularity of contact sports. Although many events in the Winter Olympics 2022 are single-entry, several involve the potential for brain trauma from concussions. Athletes need to have their minds sharp and not be slower after being knocked in the head.

CBD provides neuroprotection by reducing inflammation in the brain protecting against neurological damage. If you have clients at risk for head injuries from contact sports, consider offering them a product with CBD. Neuroprotection is an essential benefit of CBD for athletes and nonathletes alike, including Winter Olympics 2022 sports competitors.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Function

CBD may improve cardiovascular and metabolic function, vital for staying fit. During strenuous workouts, the body needs enough oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to get through tough training sessions. CBD helps with circulation by improving cardiovascular and metabolic functions.

CBD may also boost adiponectin, a protein responsible for regulating metabolism and reducing inflammation. This occurs because the compound activates the body’s PPAR-gamma receptors, increasing mitochondria production in cells. The more mitochondria a cell has, the more energy it can produce.

The bottom line? Hemp extracts may help athletes recover quicker after workouts and competition by improving cardiovascular and metabolic functions.

As you can see, CBD has a wealth of potential benefits for athletes and the general population. You don’t need Winter Olympic 2022 caliber customers to take advantage of these popular hemp products. White label CBD oil products are a great way to tap into this growing market without a substantial investment or commitment. Not only are they affordable, but they also allow your business to put its own unique spin on CBD products. If you’re interested in learning more about white label CBD oil and how it can help your business grow, contact us today. Our team of experts is happy to answer questions you have and help get you started with this exciting new product line