Cincinnati, Ohio:

For immediate release. The Business Hospital®, brainchild of Dr. Baker & Associates (DBA), announced its partnership with CannGoods to form a Cannabis ingredient Wing of the hospital. The Business Hospital is a first of its kind and specializes in the Business Treatment™ in multiple industries and sizes. Founded in 2016, it has helped thousands of business patients in nine countries and five continents to increase their revenue, streamline operations, and enhance efficiencies.   

With the exploding demand in CBD and Cannabis ingredient products in general, the Business Hospital® fielded repeated requests by clients seeking guidance in the space. DBA, therefore, decided to expand its offering. As Dr. Baker, the founder of DBA, states, “we know that CBD and Cannabis ingredients are here to stay and will shape businesses in the health & wellness space and beyond for the years to come. Therefore, it is a natural next step to expand the Business Hospital® to serve these business patients and help them succeed in the market. We knew, however, that we could not do it alone. The cannabis industry is riddled with complexities from regulatory to product development and supply chain issues. Therefore, we set out to find a best-of-breed partner to combine our business expertise with the partners’ cannabis business knowledge. After an exhaustive search, we found this partner in CannGoods”.   

CannGoods is a white-label, private label, and R&D focused product development company based in California and Ohio that helps brands successfully enter the CBD market or expand their CBD product lines through differentiation and efficacious formulations that scale. Founded in 2018, it has to date shipped over 100K products, delivered top-line products into retailers in the U.S. and the E.U., and established regulatory supply chain pathways between the U.S. and the U.K. CannGoods’ mission is to accelerate the benefits of cannabis ingredient products for global health and well-being. To do this, the company empowers brands to utilize CannGoods’ formulation and supply chain expertise to quickly bring premium products to market. Asked about the partnership with DBA, Andrew Conrad, COO of CannGoods, explains, “we know we can help brands enter, improve or expand their product lines in the CBD space across many verticals like beverages, cosmetics and more, but with DBA “The Business Hospital®, brands now get unparalleled additional insights and business exposures that directly increase their competitive advantage.”  

The two companies have already successfully engaged their first “patient” in this Cannabis Wings’ pilot program and are now in the process of additional onboarding clients.