Central States University’s College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture (CSU CESTA) announced its partnership with CannGoods to collaborate on Hemp and Cannabis Research.  CSU’s CESTA has become a leading public university in Ohio to perform hemp research. Its research team is led by Dr. Craig Schluttenhofer and Dr. Brandy Phipps. Dr. Schluttenhofer is the Research Assistant Professor of Natural Products. His work focuses on the production, processing, genetics, breeding, and biochemistry of hemp. Dr. Phipps is the Assistant Professor of Exercise and the Research Assistant Professor focusing on food, nutrition, and health.   

CannGoods, with its innovation lab E5 Chem, is a white-label, private label, and R&D-focused product development company. It is based in California and Ohio, helping brands successfully enter the CBD market or expand their CBD product lines through differentiation and efficacious formulations that scale. Its product development is led by Chief Research and Development Officer, Jerod Martin.

Founded in 2018, CannGoods has since shipped over 200K products and has delivered top-of-the-line products to retailers in the U.S. and the E.U. The company empowers brands to utilize CannGoods’ formulation and supply chain expertise to quickly bring premium products to market.

The partnership between CannGoods/E5Chem and Central State University will allow research into the efficacy and safety of hemp product formulations. In particular, it will allow us to gather more information to further the overall quality of the hemp industry. As research is conducted, it will benefit the greater hemp industry as science always leads to safer and better products. Minority students will receive research training preparing them to enter the growing hemp and nutraceutical industry after graduation. The results from this research will contribute to consumer education and industry understanding about the potential health benefits of hemp and how to best formulate safe and effective hemp products.

When asked about the partnership, both Dr. Phipps and Dr. Schlutenhoffer reiterated that “it is great to work with a company like CannGoods that is invested in research and in decreasing the knowledge gap for hemp products. We look forward to the outcomes of our collaboration and the advancement of cannabis science.”

On the CannGoods side, Jerod Martin, CR&DO, states that “working with experts like Dr. Phipps and Dr. Schluttenhofer in their respective fields gives CannGoods the ability to conduct higher level research that can lead to greater discoveries and further the hemp industry”. The partnership between the organizations is already bearing fruit as research projects are currently being designed.

CSU has secured their $10M grant from the USDA for hemp research. Meanwhile, the North American CBD oil market is projected to increase to a total of $16 Billion by 2026 (Brightfield). Overall, the future is looking bright for hemp research and hemp products, such as CBD, in general.