What are you custom formulations costs?

We offer formulation services which start at $500 but are dependent on the level of customization and the scope of the regulatory requirements for the formulation (retail, OTC, etc.).

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Can I provide my own CBD?

We offer the option for you to provide CBD directly to us.

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Can you provide Organic Ingredients?

Yes we can provide organic ingredients as part of our private label offering. The choice and type of ingredients will depend on your individual business goals. That is why we have found exploratory calls and discussions are extremely useful.

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Do you provide labeling?

Yes we provide a label template on which we will place your logo. If you need assistance with labelling, we can provide label printing as well as design services and compliance consulting.

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What is the difference between your white label and private label?

Our white label allows you to put your label on any of our offered standard products. Our private label allows you to make small adjustments to those products e.g. flavoring.

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