CBD has become a massive buzzword in the medical cannabis industry. It shows up in the headlines of major news outlets, and people are using it to help with their problems more than ever before. It can help your customers with several issues, and if you’re thinking about selling CBD salve sticks infused with arnica, then you should probably know more about how it can benefit your customers. This article will go over some of those benefits and discuss exactly what arnica is and how helpful it can be.

What Is Arnica?

Arnica is a flower that grows in the wild. It can be used as a topical cream to provide relief from pain and swelling. Because of its ability to relieve soreness and other damage, arnica has been used for centuries as an internal remedy for healing. It is used in European herbal medicines and has been a staple for many homeopathic remedies.

Benefits of Having an Arnica Infused CBD Salve

When arnica and CBD are combined, they provide an excellent way to give your customers immediate relief from their aches and pains. Being able to offer such a potent combination is something that you should seriously consider if you want to stay competitive in the industry. If you’re thinking about trying this method, there are several potential benefits that an arnica infusion could provide for your products.

  • Decrease Inflammation

Arnica has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation. CBD works in such a way that it can also help decrease the factors responsible for causing pain and swelling. The combination of these two products is effective because they target different mechanisms involved with inflammation and soreness. Since arnica is also a natural ingredient, this means you’ll be able to sell topicals that customers can comfortably use without worrying about unwanted side effects.

  • Reduce Spasms and Muscle Friction

Arnica has been proven to reduce muscle spasms and discomfort, which will also help decrease inflammation, pain, and swelling. In addition, CBD is known for its ability to relax muscles and promote relaxation within the body. This combination will give your customers a powerful pain-relief method to help them relax.

  • Improved Circulation and Blood Flow

When your customer applies CBD infused with arnica, it will help increase blood flow. In addition, the combination has been shown to help relax muscles and improve circulation in the body at large, which is excellent for people dealing with muscle and joint damage. CBD will also help stimulate the endocannabinoid system in your customer’s body, which can then work to reduce issues like arthritis and other inflammatory conditions that cause severe discomfort.

  • Decrease Current Pain

CBD is known for its ability to decrease pain signals when they reach the brain. Because of this, it’s not just the immediate pain that CBD will help with. It also has the potential to help reduce inflammation, which can lead to your customer feeling more pain over time. Arnica works excellent because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Sprains and Bruises

Arnica helps speed up the body’s natural healing process to help deal with sprains and bruises faster than ever before. This also helps increase circulation, promoting faster healing of wounds, joints, and skin injuries. In addition, CBD has been linked to reducing nerve pain, which your customers can use to help with different types of injury.

  • Symptoms from Arthritis and Other Conditions

Arnica has been shown to help both muscle and joint damage. This means your customer may benefit from using CBD salve for arthritis, as well as other forms of joint pain such as bursitis and osteoarthritis. While arnica does provide quick relief for the short term, it’s also a non-addictive, all-natural remedy that won’t have any long-term adverse effects.

Arnica and CBD should be combined in a topical salve or ointment for the best results. The anti-inflammatory properties of arnica can help reduce pain and swelling associated with inflammation while also stimulating natural healing. In addition, CBD has a relaxing effect on muscles, which can help reduce aches and pains. Therefore, when you use a CBD and arnica combination in your product, it also can provide several benefits for your customers and their overall discomfort.

Does Arnica Have Any Side Effects?

When arnica-fused CBD products come in a topical form like a salve stick, there is a low risk of side effects since it’s not ingested. In addition, arnica is an all-natural ingredient, as is CBD. So, if you’re thinking about trying CBD infused with arnica, then your customer will likely experience favorable effects with minimal chances of adverse side effects.
Although there is a low risk of side effects, arnica can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Members of the arnica family include other flowers like ragweed and daisies. So, before your customers apply it to their skin, make sure to recommend that they get permission from a healthcare provider.

How Is It Administered?

As with other salves, your customer will typically apply their CBD and arnica-infused salve directly to the affected area. For example, if your customer is experiencing muscle pain, they can rub the product on the affected muscle to provide immediate relief.
As with any new CBD topical product, you should always recommend that your customer test it on a small patch of skin before trying it elsewhere. The last thing you want is for an allergic reaction to occur. However, since CBD and arnica are both natural, your customer will likely have a positive experience. Just make sure to tell them not to overdo it since some discomfort can occur when using large quantities over a short period of time.

Salve Sticks are Convenient

You can also use CBD and arnica oil in a salve stick to provide targeted relief for your customer. This prevents any accidental application of the product to skin that does not need to be treated. In addition, the portability of the salve stick makes it easy for your customers to take it with them when they’re on the go. This makes salve sticks an excellent addition to your CBD products if your customer suffers from pain conditions.


Arnica and CBD-infused topicals can help your customers with their aches and pains. This combination is effective because it works on different causes of pain to provide relief from discomfort, swelling, and inflammation. Overall, this is something that you should consider selling if you want to stay competitive in the space.

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